Public Participation

Pursuant to Article 196(1) (b) and 201 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and as stipulated in section 87 (1) (a),(b) of the County Government Act, 2012, the Nandi County Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee invites various stakeholders and the general public to submit views in respect to to Nandi County Finance Bill, 2018, which has been committed to the Budget and Appropriations Committee to conduct Public Participation. The County Assembly will be meeting the public on Monday 8th January 2018 in Mosop and Chesumei sub-counties at Kabiyet Community Hall and Grounds – Chemundu Deputy Commissioners Office respectively. On Tuesday 9th January 2018, the Committee will be in Emgwen and Aldai sub-counties at St. Peter’s Catholic Church and Kobujoi Catholic Hall respectively. On Wednesday 10th January 2018, the Committe will be meeting the public in both Nandi Hills and and Tindiret sub-counties at Nandi Hills municipal Hall and Maraba DC Hall respectively. All meetings will start at 10.00 a.m.

3 thoughts on “Public Participation

  1. My view is that more of funds be directed to water and road maintenance projects shared equitably based on ward population and geographical area.Also in budget formulation,try to fund projects fully and be done within reasonable time.This will minimize pending bills and inconveniencing contractors.Assist the public in scheming project proposals using ward administrators and mcas.For the purposes of transparency try to decentralize tenders so as to let the locals benefit from it.

    Nahashon Kemboi
    Kaptel/Kamioywo ward

  2. I wished to read,scrutinize and prepare for the proposed community development bill before attending the public participation forum but couldn’t access it on our county website. kindly hook me up with it urgently through my mail which is

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